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30 Fresh And Modern Kitchen Countertop Ideas


The kitchen countertop is the perfect place to add the ultimate design touch to your kitchen. Regardless of which kitchen countertop ideas you’re attracted to, select materials that are durable and built to withstand the wear and tear associated with cooking and prep.

Dan Golden Funny Rugs Collection


If you might want a funny rug introduction your room, you should investigate these rugs made by Dan Golden. These hand-tufted rugs of New Zealand fleece can put forth a striking expression on any floor. I’m certain that anybody can thought of their own origianl funny message, however Dan Golden set this thought in motion. These contemporary designs look awesome in moderate settings, particularly those where a grin wouldn’t go not right. I recall a few years back when shirts with funny messages hit the market they where a major hit. Who knows perhaps the pattern will be the same with these rugs. See the entire collection on Moco Loco

30 Contemporary Shower Ideas For Your Bathroom


If you’re considering upgrading your shower, the decision not only will breathe new life into your bathroom but also will be a wise investment. According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value report, the average cost of a bathroom remodel is $16,000, with an average return on investment of 72.5 percent.

World Home Day Collection: Around The World In Seven Rooms!


This innovative and outstanding design extend by Mobilefee Italy is a trial of innovativeness and flexibility as a single living room is brightened in seven unique styles to suit seven disparate corners of the planet. By tapping into the nearby style, hues and surfaces and translating the local state of mind into flowing design and vivacious frill, the room dresses itself up for an outing that spreads San Francisco, Cannes, Sydney, Como, Cape Town, Berlin and Shangai. The change is in the decorating approach as well as the dispositions as the utilization of hues ranges from the ultra present day and minimalist highly contrasting stripes, to the utilization of enthusiastic purples and steady yellows. Assigning distinctive days of the week, to the 7 unique spots likewise adds to the theme perfectly. We’re sold …

An Intriguing Furniture Collection: Buddha Head Table And Pouf


Here is a furniture collection that won’t abandon you impassive. Buddha head table and pouf were designed by 21st Living Art and make for some intriguing stylistic theme augmentations. Here are a couple of words from the makers: “Beato Pouf and Pacifico Table completely fulfill the utilization they were designed for. They have a solid emblematic esteem that really weakens their apparently amusing and “tranquil” appearance. The head of Buddha, image of a faraway culture, is utilized here recently as seating, turning into a simple and flexible household item. Beato Pouf in this way turns out to be a piece of our unwinding minutes, coordinating itself in the encompassing space practically like a bit of history. Pacifico Table wants to reveal to us its story. As we lounge around it we can take in its magnificence and welcome it for its effortlessness and immediacy.” What is your conclusion on these furniture things? Would you consider having them in your home?

Art Deco Inspired Secret Desk With A Twist By Magdalena Tekieli [video]


Do you recall the Accordion-inspired office we posted a while back on Freshome? All things considered, here is another similar design that caught our attention. Imagined by Magdalena Tekieli, Secret Desk is also meant for office spaces and features an astute “mechanism” of concealing articles inside. Characterized by gravity (another word for work effectiveness), the desk can overlay and unfurl, depending to the things it stores.But regardless of how much this furniture piece changes its appearance, the overall visual impact it offers is that of elegance. Made of wood and leather, the desk also accompanies a couple of charming drawers, ideal for composing instruments, also able to “disappear” inside the accordion-inspired addition. The designer explains that the straightforward, geometric structures and valuable materials used to manufacture the escritoire are a reference to the Art Deco style. Have a glance at the well-made film underneath for some great details of the venture and reveal to us what you think!

Cute Limited Fungi Shelf By Katharina Mischer


Designed by Katharina Mischer, the Limited Fungi Shelf is a progression of racks which highlights a jeopardized Austrian fungi species. Katharina Mischer chosed a jeopardized Austrian fungi species and made an interpretation of them into a limited design edition. The limited fungi species is figured in tin, developing on an old “spoiled” wooden board. Each tin mushroom is numbered and speaks to one mushroom left in all actuality. Purchasing the shelf helps sparing biodiversity, as a component of the cash goes to natural undertakings that endeavor to spare the particular fungi species.